There is light at the end of the tunnel, in that all the Immanion Press royalties have been sent out and the accounts are nearly done. The decks are almost cleared of outstanding bits of admin work, and I hope to have a fairly smooth run up to Christmas in which to do more of my own writing. I seem to say this in every blog post I make, I know, but in the near future I expect to report how much I’ve accomplished, and sooner rather than later if my intentions have anything to do with it!

My editing work is complete for the year apart from putting together a very limited and special edition of ‘Animate Objects’, which is a collection of short stories by Tanith Lee, to be published to coincide with her receiving a lifelong achievement award at Fantasycon in Brighton later this year. I can’t think of a more deserving writer for the award, and I’m having great fun thinking of ways to make this collection extra special, working closely with Tanith and her husband, John. The book will be on sale at the convention only.

In between working on the collection, I’m reading through the scanned-in version of ‘Kill the Dead’, one of Tanith’s most popular earlier novels, which we’ll be publishing as an ebook through Kindle. Her story collection takes precedence at the moment, because time is short to get it prepared, but ‘Kill the Dead’ will be available as soon as possible, hopefully by the end of September at the latest.

Even though I’ve questioned whether it’s actually worth bringing all my back catalogue novels back into print, because the ebooks far outsell the physical printed versions, I’m considering it a personal indulgence now! Having got the ‘Magravandias Chronicles’ out again, with marvellous new covers by Ruby, the only ones left to do are ‘Calenture’, and also a new edition of ‘Hermetech’. This is because I wasn’t very happy with the version we produced early in Immanion Press’s career, plus I want all the books to have Ruby covers on them, and ‘Hermetech’ didn’t have that. Ruby is working on the cover and the draft I’ve seen looks great, so I intend to release this new edition before the end of the year. ‘Calenture’ will be saved for 2014.

I hope in my next blog post I have something to report about new writing from me. Believe me, the ideas are bubbling furiously!