I’m still working on short stories at the moment – when I get the time! I had an idea for a new one last night to add to the list. And I’m still hoping to get back to the final Alba Sulh novel this year. Time just gets eaten away.

Immanion work continues to be fairly heavy. We’re still catching up on making ebooks of many of our titles, now concentrating mainly on the non fiction as the fiction is mostly done.

This week saw the release of two new fiction titles from us. The first is ‘The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones’ by Valentine Williams. This is an excellent and evil little treasure, set in suburban England, concerning a very convincing witch. She’s not part of a coven, or any New Age modern pagan organisation. She works alone, in a distinctly old-fashioned way. And crossing her is a perilous endeavour. The thing I particularly liked about Valentine’s novel (I was its editor) was that you can’t help but root for Dorelia. She’s not nice, she’s not attractive, but she’s a survivor, dealing with the hand Fate threw on her cot blankets at birth. The people who invoke her wrath are worse than her because they hide behind conformity and conventional lives, which conceals, among other things, moral weakness, spite, selfishness and greed. True poison. The book is not just an entertaining novel but a parable about the modern world.


The other release is a re-issue of the first book in my Magravandias Chronicles, ‘Sea Dragon Heir’. I did virtually nothing to the text – and as many of you will know, I do have a tendency to tinker with my older titles. All that I felt was needed was grammatical and spelling corrections. Ruby has done a fabulous new cover for it, and the other two books ‘Crown of Silence’ and ‘The Way of Light’ will follow later this year.


Once the Magravandias Chronicles are published again, that only leaves ‘Calenture’ still remaining to get an Immanion Press edition. I might do that this year if I get the time, or wait until next year. What I really want to be doing is bringing out new material, but I want to get my back catalogue out in entirety, as much as is possible, too.

If anyone would like review copies of these books, or to interview either Valentine or myself, please get in touch. I prefer to send out PDFs for review nowadays, simply because of the cost of sending out printed copies. Plus we found that sending out endless review copies was a financial loss as quite often they didn’t even get reviewed.

On a completely different note, I’ve been contacted by a group formed to Support Stafford Hospital and prevent its closure. I don’t have many details yet, but I want to add my support to them. I can’t go out and march in the streets or protest outside buildings, or indeed go door to door with leaflets and so on, but I can talk on my blog and Facebook pages about it. Many people will already be aware of the terrible recent history of our local hospital, but a community the size of Stafford without one is rather frightening to contemplate. The nearest accident and emergency centres will be at least 15 miles away, which is a long way to go, even with lights and sirens blaring, if a person is in a grave condition. Anyway, will post more once I’ve spoken properly to the organisers.